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Trépied HighPeak MiniProjector™️

Trépied HighPeak MiniProjector™️

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Présentation du mini trépied pour le miniprojecteur HighPeak, l'accessoire ultime pour tous vos besoins de projection ! Ce trépied compact et léger est spécialement conçu pour maintenir en toute sécurité votre miniprojecteur HighPeak sous n'importe quel angle, ce qui le rend parfait pour les présentations en déplacement, les soirées cinéma, etc.

Fabriqué avec des matériaux de haute qualité, ce mini trépied est non seulement durable mais également polyvalent. Ses pieds réglables peuvent être étendus jusqu'à 10 pouces, offrant une stabilité maximale sur n'importe quelle surface. Vous pouvez également régler l'angle du projecteur pour obtenir la taille et l'orientation parfaites de l'image, ce qui facilite la personnalisation de votre expérience visuelle.

Le mini trépied pour le miniprojecteur HighPeak est incroyablement facile à utiliser. Fixez simplement le projecteur au support à vis universel du trépied et ajustez les pieds à la hauteur et à l'angle souhaités. Avec sa taille compacte, il est facile à ranger et à transporter partout où vous allez, ce qui en fait le compagnon idéal pour les voyages d'affaires, les vacances ou même juste une nuit.

Que vous soyez un professionnel, un enseignant ou un cinéphile, le mini trépied pour le miniprojecteur HighPeak est l'accessoire parfait pour votre miniprojecteur HighPeak. Alors pourquoi attendre ? Obtenez le vôtre aujourd'hui et faites passer votre expérience de projection au niveau supérieur !

Customer Reviews

Based on 507 reviews
Amanda Crager
My Son Needed This, Thank You So Much!!

My son has a chronic illness, and when it flares up he often has to spend extended periods of time in the hospital. During these times it is very hard to keep his mind off of things, the hospital TV doesn’t have many options for him. So when I saw the ad for this high peak projector on TikTok, I knew it would be perfect for him since I saw the other videos of HighPeak playing video games (which my son loves to do)! I purchased it soon after seeing the ad and I can’t tell you how much HE LOVES IT!!! He connects his console to it while at the hospital and plays his video games or watches TV while laying down! I will add a picture of it in this review because as a mom I am very happy with this purchase! Their customer service is very kind! The TikTok ad for this product and company have been amazing, I will be a returning customer of HighPeak 🥰

Layla Grundman
The Picture I added to this review says it all!

I never leave reviews for products I buy but for this product I had to leave a review. This projector is literally insane! It can literally connect to any device (phones, laptops, tablets, fire sticks, our old Wii, and my husbands Xbox) when we bought it we thought it was going to be a cute alternative to a TV but oh my were we wrong. This projector has become our third companion on ever trip we take. We took it on one of our trips where we stayed in a cabin and it looked so amazing! I will add a picture to this review to show y’all how cool this thing is! It’s also great how they include all the cables in the package so it’s ready to go as soon as you get it! Best purchase of my life especially because of the great quality and how portable it is❤️

Megan Simmons
This is your sign to buy this!!

Oh my god, hear me out. I bought this after seeing a TikTok ad for it and man did it pay off! I initially bought it for my daughter's birthday party because she wanted a "movie theater experience" for her friends. So I saw that High Peak was doing a deal to buy the projector and the projector screen, you get the tripod for free (great deal by the way, thank you highpeak) so I got all 3, the screen, projector, and tripod. I set it all up at the night of her party and the reaction from her friends was INCREDIBLE! They were like omg this is so cool and were freaking out about watching movies outside. I will add pictures of how it went below, please see them because it was so good! After the party, my daughter comes to me and says "mom, this was my favorite birthday party ever, thank you" and she hugged me. I almost teared up when she said that. Her friends asked her where she bought the projector because they wanted one themselves😂 this has been my favorite online purchase ever, so thank you so much HighPeak, will forever buy from this company. If you're on the edge to buy this, I recommend you do because it is that good!!

Mike Hachinson
The best purchase I’ve made

Exactly as advertised on tiktok and on this website, the projector is perfect to watch movies with the family. For a price tag of $74 I think this is the best deal you can get. It has HDMI and USB connection and many others in the back! I would buy it even if it was $100+ because it’s that good. This will be the gift for anyone birthday present; it’s so affordable and worth it lol🔥

Jacqueline Greco
TikTok made me buy this Mini Projector!

Hi all!! My family has always wanted a projector to watch movies outside in the summer but we’ve never looked into one. I was scrolling TikTok and I saw the ad for this projector from this highpeak company and it looked interesting. Me, like many others read the comments and reviews to see if it was worth it because the ad looked amazing. Everyone was saying it was really good and for a price tag of $74 so I purchased it from TikTok (which I never thought I would). Fast forward a week later and it arrived!!! We’ve tested it out and we got it all set up in like 10 minutes. Now we watch movies on our drive way with the neighbors and it was a really good purchase. We are very satisfied with it & have recommend highpeak to the whole block lol. If you saw this on tiktok, I can tell you it’s legit and a great product!

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